"Our Academy provided a wealth of knowledge and resources to help take my business, ButACake, to the next level. The Academy is ran by a team of experienced business professionals who are extremely knowledgeable and supportive throughout the entire process. One of the most valuable aspects of the program was the networking opportunities it provided. I had the chance to connect with other business owners and entrepreneurs from all over the country. These connections have proved to be invaluable and have opened up new doors for my businesses. In addition to the support and guidance from the program mentors, I also received access to a range of tools and resources, including training materials, templates, and videos. These resources have been extremely helpful in driving the growth and success of my business. Overall, I would highly recommend Our Academy to anyone looking to take their cannabis business to the next level. It's an incredible opportunity to gain valuable insights and connect with like-minded individuals in a supportive environment. Thank you to the program organizers for such an amazing experience!"
Matha Figaro

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