"Without Our Academy I would not have had half of the experience or knowledge in the cannabis industry had it not been for Hilary, Jess, and the Our Academy team. They spent weeks on weeks preparing us to present and pitch at MJ Unpacked, which was an amazing experience for me to launch my brand, but also to see which facet of the industry would work for me. They also connected me with amazing attorneys and business owners that gave me first-hand experience on how to run a cannabis business. Had it not been for Our Academy, I probably would not have applied for the conditional retail round in New York. I was definitely overwhelmed and in over my head, but they took time week after week to help me game plan and now my application has been submitted and I'm pretty sure I'll be licensed in the next few months. I am so grateful for their help they've given me and so many others. I connected with so many people in our cohort and now we're not just a group of individuals working to get in the cannabis industry, but we're a family."
Jessica Naissant

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