This is not a gift guide for people who love weed. This is a gift guide that recognizes all the ways cannabis improves different parts of different lifestyles in 2023. Because cannabis-related gifts aren’t just for stoners anymore—they’re for wellness queens and gym rats; the hostesses with the mostesses who wish to cater to all recreational tastes; the friend with good style, and the pet parents always on the lookout for something special for their fur babies. And yes, your high-tolerance buds and those closeted cannabis lovers, too.

We sorted through the latest herbal trends and the classic go-to’s and added in some non-cannabis-related finds we loved, curating themed gifts for each personality type and sourcing everything from minority-owned brands. Here are 37 of the best gifts for everyone in your smoking circle (and plenty of non-consuming friends, too).
Written by Lauren Yoshiko

Wellness Queen

Sheba Baby!

Any one of your sesh buddies who’ve felt out of whack lately could use a little something from Mary Pryor’s New York-based cannabis brand. Taking a multidimensional approach to self-care through flower, pre-rolls, and soon-to-come hair care, these products are crafted using ingredients from trusted, highly vetted farms and suppliers.

High Priestess Sex Oils

This brand offers a range of premium oils and herbal blends crafted to set the mood and enhance sensual satisfaction. The Drip CBD Lubricating Sex Oil made with organic coconut oil and marshmallow root (a natural aphrodisiac) is a pleasurable enhancer when solo or with a partner, increasing blood flow to intimate areas, heightening physical sensitivity, helping relax muscles and relieving discomfort as you go.

Topicals Ingrown Duo

Most beauty queens are likely already familiar with Topicals magical Faded serum and its scar-fading superpowers. It’s a lifesaver for recovering pickers or any melanated mavens who easily scar. This combo of Faded with the exfoliating High Roller gets ahead of the scar cycle by preventing bumps from ingrown hairs or general congestion.

Kid Sister Gift Set

Each kit includes the Super Ego Face Oil, a multi-tasking daily face oil suitable packed with nutrient-rich ingredients like buriti fruit, tomato seed, jojoba oil, and squalene, a stainless steel gua sha tool, and a cushy puffer Cloud Pouch big enough for the rest of their regimen.

Blunt Skincare
Opalite Gua Sha Stone

A fun, iridescent version of the classic gua sha facial massage tool, ideal for use with face oils to sculpt and add lift, promote circulation, and release facial muscle tension.

Soom Filtered Shower Head

If they don’t already have it, a filtered shower head is most definitely on your skin-aware sesh buddy’s wishlist. Soom shower heads remove harsh chemicals, rust, and sediments that can harm skin and hair, and they offer Vitamin Essence Pods that fit onto the head to infuse water with vitamin C, collagen, and modified rice starch to nourish skin and hair.

Dieux Air Angel Gel Cream

The latest addition to Dieux’s heavenly lineup is a dreamy gift for any skincare savant. With a light texture that delivers a serious dose of hydration, this gel cream supports skin’s healthy function, plumps out fine lines, and keeps the delicate skin barrier supple.

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Hostess With The Mostess

Let's Get Baked!

Cannabis culinary legends Haejin Chun (of Big Bad Wolf infused events) and Jamie Evans (The Herbal Somm and author of Cannabis Drinks) came together to create this guide to 60+ easy-to-follow CBD and THC-infused treats. Find recipes like Cheesy Kimchi and Tomato Dip, Miso Ginger Glazed Black Cod, Lychee Sorbet, and Brown Butter Old Fashioned.

Saucy BBQ Sauce

For the host who wishes to offer edible infusions but doesn’t want to get anyone too zooted, this infused condiment brand has a mouthwatering solution. Founder Tess Melody Taylor developed these recipes for a thick, Texas-style infused BBQ Sauce and a lemony-infused Herbal Vinaigrette with ingredients and tricks straight from her grandfather’s cookbook.

Zero Two Four Candles

It’s one thing to have a nice candle that camouflages the smell of a good sesh—it’s another to find a candle that actually, scientifically eliminates the smell of cannabis smoke. Formulated by a 15-year veteran of the fragrance industry, these candles work incredibly well, and the smoked cedarwood, Haitian vetiver, and leather scent of Cannatonic is worth burning anytime.

Littlejohn New York
Odor-Proof STOW Caddy

An easy, stylish way to keep goods in order and locked up securely. Your friend can bust out this leather caddy when it’s sesh time, and enjoy the smell-proof benefits of its signature five-layer odor-proof technology afterward.

Barbari Herbal Blends

Across most smoking circles, THC tolerances vary. Barbari’s smokable herb blends are an easy, tasty way to accommodate all guests’ smoking habits. Sprinkle in with a joint for a 50/50 botanical spliff, or opt for their hemp and herb pre-rolls for a light smoke that keeps the party going at a pace that everyone can manage.

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High Tolerance Bestie

SF Roots Pre-Rolls

Founder Morris Kelly’s relationship stretches back to adolescence when he first started making edibles. Today, his premium flower brand was the first verified equity brand in San Francisco and is now sought after across California—particularly the range of top-shelf flower and infused pre-rolls.


New Jersey’s first minority-owned brand is also one of the country’s most versatile, featuring a range of delicious canna-butter edibles, concentrated elixirs, and dissolvable oral strips, all refined over many years during founder Matha Figaro’s journey from legacy to legal markets. Available in New Jersey and Delaware’s medical market.

Tiger’s Eye Migars

When the infused joints just aren’t hitting like they used to, these 3-gram smokes from the Makr House team are just what the doctor ordered. Thick like a cannabis cigar, infused with strain-specific hash, and contained in a handmade hemp wrap.

Mesobis Gomitas

Authenticity was the goal when Mesobis’ founders set out to craft tamarindo con chamoy, mango con chile, and açaí gummies that tasted like the real deal. That, and paying homage to their Latin American roots, resulting in flavorful, potent 10 mg gomitas shaped like Teotihuacan’s Pyramid of the Sun. Available in California.

Moon Made Farms Flower

There is indoor and sun-grown cannabis, and then there’s regeneratively grown cannabis—growing in ways that leave the soil in a healthier state. Founder Tina Gordon considers herself a steward of the land as much as a cannabis cultivator, harnessing ancient harvest methods and the latest innovations on her farm in Humboldt County. Available in California.

Lobo Flower

The brand behind the renowned live resin-infused Cannagars that took the scene by storm when they launched in 2017 has expanded to offer a range of infused joints, infused glass-tip blunts, and flower by the eighth to smoke any way you like. Don’t miss their Pop Tarts strain—a buzzy cross of Lemon Cake with Sour OG Affie. Available in New York.

REPOT BOX Starter Kit

For the friend who burns through double the buds, give the gift of less waste. This container recycling program takes old containers and gets them to partners who recycle and repurpose the materials into something new, offering users rewards with each return.

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High Functioning Homie

CONBOD Gym Classes

Coss Marte lost 70 pounds in 6 months using a non-stop bodyweight method he developed in prison, which he used as a foundation for the CONBODY fitness program on the outside. Today, Marte is also the founder of a new licensed New York dispensary, CONBUD. Gift the gift of real results with a pack of CONBUD classes, available in-person in NY or live-streamed online, taught by his badass team of formerly incarcerated trainers.

Queen Mary THCV
Boost Tincture

This espresso-flavored, full-spectrum rosin tincture is crafted for functionality, packed with THCV—a cannabinoid known to suppress appetite and produce a more motivated and alert feeling of euphoria. It also contains vitamin D to support concentration and healthy nerve function. Great on its own or added to a pre-workout coffee.


Whether they’re just getting started on their fitness journey or just in need of fresh resistance bands, this is an essential kit that covers many exercise and recuperation needs. Includes five latex bands of various resistances, two sliding discs, and a drawstring bag for easy travel.

The O.G. Tonic

Tonic founder Brittany Carbone was actually working as a trainer at Equinox when she first started formulating what would become the O.G. Tonic. She needed something to take the edge off that also provided a bit of a mood boost and helps muscles heal after higher-intensity workouts. Ashwagandha root extract, full spectrum CBD, and organic black seed oil ended up being the magic combination.

Lydia Endora

When it comes to supporting athletic performance and looking good after a few dozen washes, fast fashion can’t compare to thoughtfully crafted garments by designers like Lydia Endora. Her collections of leggings and sports bras offer many vibrant, comfortable, and cute combinations.

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Best Pet Parent

Happy Hounds CBD Calm Balm

Made with five simple, effective human-grade ingredients, this roll-on balm soothes and moisturizes tired dog and cat paws. For use after bath time, walks, or drier, wintry days—anytime a dog or cat’s paws could use some extra love. Can be used on a dry nose, too!

Honest Paws Relief CBD Peanut Butter

If you’ve seen your friends use a bit of peanut butter to get their dog to take meds, sit still while trimming nails, prep for a car ride, or any other activity that isn’t their pet’s favorite, they’ll deeply appreciate this jar of quality CBD-infused peanut butter.


The best wipes your pet-owning friends didn’t know they needed. When the dog rolls in something weird at the park; or when a dingleberry emerges—these hypoallergenic bamboo wipes are great for gently cleaning the paws, skin, and coat. They’re made with aloe, ginseng, and chamomile to soothe and heal instead of stripping the skin and paws.

Trill Paws Pet Tags

For the pet parents who don’t settle for anything less than the best for their babies, ID tags from grocery store lobbies just won’t do it. They want high-quality, enamel-coated tags that are built to last, with a range of colorful options and space for three lines of free, custom engraving on the other side.

Sir Darius
Brown Bow Ties

Special occasions will reach a new level of flair with one of these handmade bow ties (fit for any type of pet! They just slide onto the collar). They do more than look good, too: for every bow tie purchased, Sir Darius donates a bow tie to a shelter pet waiting to charm their future family.

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Covert Connoisseur

Bloom Vapes

This innovative cannabis brand changed the game with its modern designs and preservation of the original flavor and feeling of the flower through its signature “strain fingerprinting” techniques. Find their range of all-in-one Surfs, live budder, and rosin vapes in California, Illinois, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Massachusetts

LuneNoire Ulysses
Travel Diary

First and foremost, this is a beautiful hardbound notebook. It also happens to feature a hidden compartment with perfectly sized spaces for a few joints, a pack of rolling papers, a lighter, and a writing utensil for post-sesh notations.

Budwell One-Hitter

A pipe that doesn’t look like a pipe and won’t ever break. This sleek, matte black one-hitter is made out of anodized aluminum—truly made to last a lifetime. It’s only an extra $5 to have it customized with a loved one’s name.

Vessel Ashtray

Slide back the wooden cover to reveal a subtle, shallow ashtray. Lift up the cement piece to reveal ample storage for pipes, lighters, and any extras. Replace the pieces to discreetly conceal anytime you’ve got less flower-friendly company over—the thoughtfully designed piece looks good in any state. 

Ayrlume Filter

Having good taste when it comes to sticky, fragrant flower tends to clash with a desire to be discreet. That’s where handheld filters come in handy—just exhale into the mouthpiece and all the smoke is contained within, keeping the room clear of suspect aromas. This bamboo version by Ayrlume has a more aesthetically pleasing look when not in use.

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High Fashion Friend

Sundae School Fleece

It’s cozy, it’s hype—it’s a seshing uniform that keeps on giving. The Korean-American royalty of the smokewear game is doing another run of their most popular fleece designs right now, so whether gifting yourself or your stylish smoking buds, get your pre-order in before they’re sold out.

Pure Beauty Mushroom Tee

A clean, 100% cotton tee to match your pack of sustainably-grown, indoor flower joints. This 6.5 oz. short sleeve crew comes in a flattering neutral shade of tan, featuring signature PB artwork by Masha Batsii. 👀 Available in small–XXL.

BWFW Tradition
Coach's Jacket

Jasmine Mans’ Buy Weed From Women apparel continues to be a shining symbol of solidarity across the industry. The Black women-owned and operated design house went hard this past year, dropping a daring, non-Mattell-sanctioned Buy Weed From Barbie drop and this black nylon button-up coach’s jacket with big boss energy.

Indica & Sativa Studs

Cannabis leaf studs are the ultimate starter piece for any weed fashion collection. These pairs of leaves take things to another level, reflecting the broader, bushier shape of indica leaves and narrower, tall sativa varieties with botanical accuracy that real ones will recognize.

Goddess Blunt Ring Holder

Keep nails and hands fresh while channeling regal energy with this statement joint holder. The mirrored figures of the ancient Egyptian Queen Nefertiti hold the end of the joint in place, and the brass material allows for some flexibility to expand for a thicker blunt—whatever the queen needs at that moment.

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